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Do you feel there might be a Grand Canyon between you and getting a motor vehicle license in Arizona? Learn how to travel the saguaros in safety with our guides and MVD practice tests designed to get you ready for the licensing exams for cars, motorcycles, and commercial driving. For your permit or license to drive a car, you need to get 80% right to pass (that’s 24 out of the 30 questions). If you don’t pass, you will have to wait a humiliating length of time before retaking, so study up here. There’s even a marathon test with questions that are very similar (if not identical) to the test you’ll be taking.

Driving from Joshua Tree to Saguaro and back again is a typical day for a commercial vehicle driver in Arizona. So don't let the CDL exam throw you for a loop and into a deep canyon. Take a look at all the resources we have available, including information on fees and what you'll need at the office. The license itself is pretty inexpensive at only $25, and the testing is also a low cost at only $12.50 – $25 depending on the class of vehicle. With cheat sheets and practice tests, we've got you covered for any endorsement including passenger and school busses, doubles/triples, tank vehicles, hazardous materials, or air brake restriction removal skills. And did you know you need to been cleared by a medical examiner before receiving your CDL license? Learn everything there is to know with us.

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Arizona Driver's License: When You Can Apply

AgeType of LicensePrerequisites
15 ½ (First Timers)Instruction PermitPass a Written Knowledge Test and a Vision Test.
16+ (Instruction Permit Holders)Graduated LicenseMust have held Instruction Permit for 6 months. Complete a driver education program or practice driving for 30 hours (10 hours at night). Pass a Road Test.
18+ (First Timers)Full (Adult) LicensePass a Written Knowledge Test, a Vision Test, and a Road Test.
18+ (Instruction Permit Holders)Full (Adult) LicensePass a Vision Test and a Road Test.
18+ (Graduated License Holders)Full (Adult) LicenseNone.

Note 1: To apply for any type of instruction permit or license, you must first obtain consent from your parents or guardians if you are under 18 years of age.

Note 2: If more than one line of this table applies to you, you can choose either option unless otherwise specified.

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Arizona Driver's License & Permit FAQ

How Can I Apply for my AZ Driver's License? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What age must I be before I can apply for my Arizona license?

    You have to be at least 15 ½ in order to begin the first step in applying for your Arizona driver’s license.
  • Do I need documents when I go to apply for my Arizona license?

    Yes. You will need identification documents to begin the licensing process in Arizona. Arizona allows its residents to begin their application process online. Once they come to the MVD office to complete the application, they should make certain they have:
    • Two forms of Identification: One of them must have a clear photo of you
    • If you have no photo ID, then present 3 forms of identification
    • Your parent or legal guardian’s picture ID can count as 1 form of ID.
    • Other forms of identification include: Birth certificate and U.S. Passport. Other acceptable forms of identification can be found here.
    • Signed Application (Must contain parent’s signature if between 15 ½ and 18 yrs. old).
    • Social Security Number
  • How can I qualify for my permit in Arizona?

    Qualifying for a permit in Arizona is as simple as…..
    • Being at least 15 ½ years old
    • Providing Identification documents
    • Having a signed application by parents (if under 18)
    • Passing the vision test
    • Passing the written test
  • Where should I go when I’m ready to apply for my license in Arizona?

    Driver’s licenses are issued at local Arizona MVD offices.
  • How do I contact an Arizona MVD office?

    Contacting an Arizona office is simple.
    Phoenix office: 602-255-0072
    Tucson office: 520-629-9808
    All other Arizona offices: 800-251-5866
    You can also find a local field office near you at
  • Who should bring me for my Arizona permit test?

    If you are under 18, it’s best that your parent or legal guardian bring you. They will have to sign your application in front of an MVD official. If they are unable to bring you, your application must be signed in front of a notary public.
  • Why do I need a physical in order to get a license in Arizona?

    You don’t. Arizona doesn’t require a physical before obtaining a license.
  • Do I need an eye exam before obtaining a license in Arizona?

    Yes, this is a must. You will get a vision exam when you go to apply for your driver’s license. It’s free.
  • Where should I go for my driver’s license photo in Arizona?

    Your driver’s license photo will be taken at the Arizona MVD office the day you go in for your exam.
  • How do I apply for my Arizona driver’s license?

    Applying for an Arizona driver’s license is easy.
    Here are the 5 steps to applying for your driver’s license.
    • First, be at least 15 ½ years old.
    • Second, read the driver’s manual and take practice tests in order to prepare for your permit test
    • Third, gather the required identification documents
    • Fourth, go to the MVD office to take your vision exam and written exam.
    • Fifth, have your picture taken and receive your learner’s permit.
  • What do I do next after I apply for my Arizona driver’s license?

    After you pass your written exam, you will be given your learner’s permit. You are required to wait at least 6 months before moving forward with getting your license. During this period, you must practice driving with a licensed driver at least 21 years old. You need at least 30 hours (10 of which must be at night) of behind the wheel training. You may also get training from a certified driving instructor from an MVD-approved professional driving school.
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"The written test for me was really easy, basic questions all found in these practice tests like speed limit in school zone, residential what to do if you are in an intersection and can't see oncoming vehicles etc. I studied at least 2 weeks and passed on first try!"

Jackie I., Phoenix, AZ

"I took every single one of these tests for my state, except the marathon one, and I passed my test first try! I would highly recommend this website to anyone taking the permit test. The questions I missed were rules and regulations things, so I would have studied those harder given the chance, but still. The actual test had similar and sometimes the exact same questions, so definitely use this site for studying!!"

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Casey P., Mesa, Arizona

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Krishna S., Chandler, AZ

"I'm a retired vet and have been working as a fleet manager for a small company. I decided to get my CDL. I tried several online tests after fumbling through the study guide not knowing what to study. When I found these free tests I thought I was ready to test, but I failed several times. So I kept taking tests until I passed them all with only missing 4 or less on each. Well I tested today and passed the Class A the first time missing only 8 for all three test. This is the best out there!"

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Nikki A., Arizona

"My parents didn't want to pay for the instruction booklet so I asked my friends what they did to prepare and recommended these tests. I ONLY used these tests to study for the permit and passed with an 86 on the first try! I took all of the tests 1-2 times as well as the marathon test at the end. Majority of the questions were from these practice tests and the others were common sense. Thanks you!"

Kat Baker, Arizona

"I was incredibly worried about the written test.. I read through the manual once, but that wasn't enough, so I googled how I could be prepared, and this site came up. I found the questions incredibly easy and self explanatory, and after taking about 6 tests, I felt I was ready. When it came time to take the test for real, I sat down at the computer and was surprised to find that the answers all came so easily to me! Thank you guys so much! "

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Tori Luckey, Arizona

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Lara Pacis, Arizona

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Carole Woodley, Arizona

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Terri Wright, AZ

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Kristen Rowland, AZ

"This website has helped me SO much! It’s absolutely fantastic and really helps you with knowing the rules of the road. I took every single test more than once, including the marathon! I was so nervous for my test, but once I sat down at the computer and started, it was so easy! Once I got out, my mother was worried that I failed because of how quick I was! LOL. I only missed one question and am so happy to finally have my permit :) I got it yesterday! These tests have passages from the drivers manual verbatim. My mother and I have been recommending this website to our friends. 5 starts definitely. One day I drove a car for the first time, a week later, I got my permit :)"

Imani Cooper, Arizona

"These tests are excellent preparatory material. It was difficult reading all the material though I did complete reading it. It was only after taking the practice tests did I become comfortable. The practice tests on this website are a bit more difficult than the actual test. After I had taken 5 practice tests I was extremely confident. I passed the test with just one question incorrect. It was an easy one, the ‘hand signal for stop sign’, – don’t know how I got it wrong. At the test I did not have any questions on fines which are the most difficult ones. Just doing the basic practice tests would have been more than enough to pass the test. Do these practice tests – that’s the easiest way to pass the tests in my opinion."

Hemanth K, Arizona

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